Unusual Couplings
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Card #468 – Unusual Couplings

Strange partnerships and unusual couplings may be synergistic. Mutation and metamorphosis are ascendant evolutionary themes and these may require the unexpected intermingling of dissonant elements. The coming together of typically unrelated human types may yield interesting results, like my nephew and two nieces who are half Russian-Jewish and half Palestinian-Christian. The unusual coupling is not always with another person; it may be with a new idea, study, practice, career, food, medicine, or place of travel.

These posed objects, found in my friend Marc’s place in Brooklyn, appear to be an Imperial Walker having sex with an F-16. These are artifacts of dissonant eras of technology, one from our world, one from a mythological world. Their coupling is unexpected, and yet they actually have so many things in common — both are human/machine cyborg weapons involving a machine exoskeleton surrounding a human operator. More essentially, both are of the Lego persuasion and plastic with interchangeable parts. Therefore both are constructed changelings whose parts could be interchanged to create newly mutated forms.

Consider that this may be a propitious time to be open to unusual couplings.

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