Toxic Meltdown
In the Bowery, collage on canvass, 1982, don't have info on artist, last name may be Palma. If anyone knows I'd like to credit this artist properly. CARD URL:

Toxic Meltdown – Card #96 – Zap Oracle

This card indicates toxic dissipation, dysfunctional relationship and/or general meltdown. It is so easy to fall into one of those downward spirals, and we can easily perpetuate the depression,inner chaos and entropy by regret, and feeling bad about feeling bad. Consider for a moment how many other human beings must be in similar straits right now. Pray for compassion and healing for yourself and others who are similarly afflicted. Remember that real change usually comes out of the dark night of the soul. Alchemically, one needs the descent into chaos to create new forms. The positive aspect is that this is a propitious time to transform and emerge from a toxic meltdown.

That was the quick version, if you are currently dealing with a meltdown I would urge you to read: Dealing with Meltdowns also Dealing with Zones of Inner Jeopardy Also see: I.U.I. Incarnating under the Influence in a Polywater World and writings on the Warrior Stance and A Guide for the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler for some help in getting out of the dark vortex

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