Submitting to Conditioning
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Card #447 – Submitting to Conditioning

In what areas of your life are you under the power of malign conditioning? We are constantly being bombarded with toxic conditioning in the form of advertisements and societal/social pressures of all sorts. We may be under the insidious influence of “mind parasites” which could take the form of memes (units of cultural transmission) or, more controversially, various entities.

Is there a spell of some sort (infatuation, obsession, identification, laziness, negativity, false enthusiasm, addiction, compulsion, one-sided belief, etc) that blinds your view? Open your eyes and regain your inner power!

According to the Taoist I Ching, evolution occurs on the path of “reverse alchemy,” the path of returning to Tao and essence. It does not necessarily occur merely by being in tune with the Tao and essence. Viruses, daisies, spiders all live perfectly in tune with the Tao and their essence, never deviate from it, but they don’t have the human potential for metamorphic evolution. Acquired conditioning inevitably separates us from our essence and attunement with the Tao. But if we are able to follow the path of reverse alchemy, undo the conditioning and rediscover our essence and Tao, then we will have furthered our evolution and the evolution of self-awareness everywhere.

See Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires and other writings in the mind parasite section.

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