Ready to Cross the Great Divide
photo of me at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon before leading a group into the back country of the canyon for a ten day journey -- the clean t-shirt tells you that this is before the transition, but there is a sense of intensity just up ahead. On the way to the bottom of the canyon you pass through several distinct ecosystems with different flora and fauna adapted to that altitude. Great transitions involve passing through many phases of change. CARD URL:

Card #250 – Ready to Cross the Great Divide

Summon your will to make a major transition.

Change is our only true constant. Sometimes change is gradual, in other cases life demands from us a major transition in a compressed period of time. While it is certainly foolish to rush into a major transition, to act before we really know, it can also be foolish to hesitate at the brink when we know that the call for action has already arrived. As both Freud and Jung noted, the human psyche, like all organisms, is essentially conservative in nature. It seeks to maintain its homeostasis, its dialed-in equilibrium, and it resists and fears substantial change. But as the Dylan lyric tells us, “He not busy being born/Is busy dying.”

This card suggests a time when you need to be busy being born and that may require labor pains, growth pains and metamorphosis. The great transition may involve more inner change, more outward change or various combinations of both depending on your circumstances.

Consider this a propitious time to cross the great divide.

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