Projecting Your Will into the World
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Card #452 – Projecting Your Will into the World

When the moment for action has come it is important to act and to project your will into the world. A conscious, self-reflective person is likely to be horrified at the unconscious, harmful actions occurring in the world and will sometimes hold back from acting, fearing ineffectuality or the presumption of altering the equilibrium of the cosmos. But we are designed as interventionist beings who can’t help but to act, though it is also crucial that our acts be mindful, skillful and well-timed. Often it is merely inertia that keeps us from acting. As Jung said (approximately), “Man’s greatest passion isn’t sex, money or power. It is laziness.”

Sometimes people falsely interpret “following the Tao” as rather passively and adaptively flowing with outer circumstances. The most important part of the Tao to follow is your inner refraction of it which appears as the inner promptings of the Self, what Aleister Crowley called your “True Will.” Your True Will, what you incarnated here to do, what your deepest self calls you to do, is what you must follow despite inner and outer resistances. Summon the will to do that which you will remember well on your deathbed.

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