Planetary Hot Spots
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Planetary Hot Spots – Card #479 – Zap Oracle

The occurrence of this card may indicate a need to be in a place of power and vision. British biologist James Lovelock (formerly with NASA) has provided much evidence to support his Gaia Hypothesis that the earth functions as a super organism. Complex organisms have very differentiated structures, and we can see this with our own bodies. It is very different, for example, to have an ant crawl across you knee than the cornea of your eye. The spherical body of Gaia has a very differentiated structure as well, and some parts of its surface seem to be power spots, places that are like the acupuncture points or chakra locations on our bodies that are associated with vortices of energy. Monument Valley is a place that should convince anyone with an ounce of sensitivity that power spots are real. In the last few days of his life Timothy Leary was asked what he would advise people looking back on a life time of experience and lessons. He said, “Be careful where you film the movie of your life.” Choose the part of the body of Gaia you live on as carefully as possible. Sometimes it is valuable to make a pilgrimage to a power spot. Other times it may serve a purpose to make your own power spots on the imaginal plane within.

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