Zap Oracle Card #66

Card #66 – Mindfulness

Zap Oracle Card # - © Jonathan Zap

  text © Jonathan Zap

Mindfulness is an empowered stance from which to meet the world. Mindfulness means to be as present as possible with what you are experiencing. A classic mindfulness exercise is to eat one raisin, first looking at it carefully, noticing every convolution and variation in surface texture, feeling it with your fingers, smelling it, feeling its texture with your tongue, biting into it and sensing the release of sugar, noticing how the sweetness registers differently on different parts of the tongue and so forth. Mindfulness of posture is quite an engaging and beneficial practice. Being mindful of what is happening interpersonally, moment-by-moment, and also the perturbations moment-by-moment within your own psyche are great subjects for mindfulness. Driving, being out in nature, it is hard to think of an activity or state of being human that would not benefit from mindfulness.



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