Matrix Injection
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Card #275 – Matrix Injection

This is a propitious time to detoxify yourself and break free from societal/social conditioning and enslavement to the Babylon Matrix. What are the foreign toxins you have allowed yourself to be injected with? Every time you eat junk food, or allow a known toxin into your body or mind you are submitting to Matrix Injection.

An obvious form of matrix injection is the modern tendency to eat food-like substances composed of highly manipulated dubious ingredients. Another form of matrix injection is promiscuity, an exchange of vital energy with strangers. Just as the exchange of bodily fluids can be dangerous on the microbiological plane, the careless exchange of essential energy can be just as dangerous on other levels. As the alchemical motto reminds us, “As above, so below.”

Matrix injection happens also in the form of impressions through cultural memes. For example, advertising is a form of matrix injection that has been cleverly designed to manipulate your feelings and behavior. An advertisement is designed to inject you with thought forms that influence you to think that certain objects or services are necessary for your happiness or survival. Matrix injection can happen from low quality impressions coming to you in any art form or other mode of cultural transmission.

On the microbiological plane, we cannot survive without an immune system that includes an army of white blood cells whose job it is to defend the citadel of the body from an environment that is rampant with dangerous microorganisms. Similarly, you need to have cultural and interpersonal immune systems that protect you from an environment that abounds with toxic cultural memes and social transactions. Just as with the microbiological plane, it is neither practical nor desirable to put yourself in a sterile environment to cope with the hazards. It is desirable to have within you immunological systems that can recognize and resist toxic threats.

The conscious mutant needs to be his own alchemist, carefully guarding his inner cauldron, and exercising discernment and caution about what foods, human energies and cultural memes are allowed to enter.

Mind Parasites, Energy Parasites and Vampires

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