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Card #269 – Loss, Abandonment Fear

The vicissitudes of fate can separate us from those we love. But there is also the primal human emotion of abandonment fear. If you have experienced a loss, take comfort from the reality that our separation exists on only one plane of existence in a multidimensional multiverse. If abandonment fear is a dominant force in your life recognize that this is a primal emotion that is easily visible in dogs waiting outside of stores. Abandonment fear is recognized in cognitive psychology as one of the “schemas” or classic patterns of emotional reactivity. Most of us have some aspect of it, but for some, or in some acute situations, the abandonment fear can be debilitating. If you are feeling abandonment fear or an actual loss pray for yourself and for all other beings who are similarly afflicted.

A good survey article on the topic: Understanding Abandonment Fear

For more on schemas and dealing with negative emotions in general see:
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