Kingly Audience
Marquis Wen-kung of China recovering his state, Li T'ang c. 1120-40 Detail from a handscroll, ink and colors on silk. CARD URL:

Card #153 – Kingly Audience

Giving audience to others from a kingly stance. One of the greatest services you can do for others is to give them a fair hearing from a calm, clear, compassionate place, meeting them neither more nor less than halfway.

Your ability to be a wise listener and counselor interpersonally rests on your capacity to do this for yourself intra-psychically. Empower a stable, central witness personality able to give kingly audience to the various sub-personalities and voices within. Do not allow inner or outer voices to persuade you to do anything that compromises your inner dignity, and do not compromise the dignity of others.

If inner or outer personalities approach with undignified, unworthy intentions, lovingly withdraw your energy from them. Meet halfway — avoiding either the tendency to give unsolicited advice or neglecting to help when called upon.

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