Zap Oracle Card #99
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Card #99 – Jealousy

Zap Oracle Card # - © Jonathan Zap

  text and photo © Jonathan Zap

The inner phantom of jealousy. When we don’t own the inner wholeness we already have, we tend to envy others who have the image, or precious, that we falsely associate with wholeness. Jealousy means that we are caught in the malign enchantment of the external object, the glittering bodies, money and worldly goods that the Babylon matrix always displays sparkling before our eyes to keep our attention focused on the outside and away from our inner power. We can spend an entire incarnation comparing ourselves to others who appear better off than us.

There is, however, a case where jealousy is not merely a phantom. If your eros authentically requires a monogamous love relationship, but you are with a polyamorous lover, then an interpersonal change may be required. The change should not involve either party seeking to control or change the authentic eros of the other, but it should involve honest confrontation with the truth of the situation. The positive aspect is that this is a propitious time to work on the various aspects of jealousy.



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