Introspective Writing
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Introspective Writing – Card #144 – Zap Oracle

Journaling and oracle consultation can be empowering and developmental. The unconscious person usually requires tragic shocks to learn and to punctuate his stagnant equilibrium. But the conscious person can learn through the subtle shocks provided by oracles, dreams, synchronicities and intuitions.

Never underestimate journal writing as a powerful practice and form of inner journey. Among many other benefits, writing in a journal helps to strengthen a central witness personality which reduces inner fragmentation and unconscious compulsion. It gives you perspective on present issues with which you are emotionally entangled, and reviewing old journals allows you to learn from history rather than endlessly repeating it. A journal is also an imaginal space, an inner theater in which you can dialogue with subpersonalities like your inner child, record dreams, and give expression to things bubbling up from the unconscious. Objectifying inner chaos by recording what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing in a journal can be deeply therapeutic. Giving form to whatever flickers into your imagination can provide insight and openings into the creative. Writing skills automatically improve when employed in the service of self-expression rather than under compulsion from the outside.

Receiving this card indicates that this is a propitious time to journal, to consult the Zap Oracle, the I Ching, and other oracles, to record and interpret your dreams and to derive lessons from any shocks you might receive.

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