Half-Blinded View
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Card #102 – Half-Blinded View

This card suggests that you, or someone closely affecting you, is giving in to negative emotions and the half-blinded view.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

The positive aspect is that this is an auspicious time to recognize the problem and take corrective action. If you are the source of the problem, hold back from communicating with others or taking other significant actions while in a state of agitation. Don’t listen to voices (inner or interpersonal) that aren’t calm and compassionate.

If it is another who is acting out, lovingly withdraw energy from them until they come to their senses. If possible, don’t view the offending person as hopeless. Cling to the image of their highest potential but withdraw until a more worthy self comes forward.

That was a very concise version. Extremely relevant is:

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See the Zap Oracle card “Blindspots”

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