Green Energy Flow
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Card #393 – Green Energy Flow

We live in a money matrix where so much of life is affected by buying and selling and the ebbing and flowing of money. Most people on the planet wish to have more money and less money stress. Don’t let money stress define your existence. There are ways to use money without money dominating your life.

Our money attitudes and habits are often as irrational, self-sabotaging, and established almost as early as food attitudes and habits. Working on money issues is often a catalyst for general maturation.

As with eating or sex, money is a complex process of energetic transactions. Often our patterns with one type of energetic transaction will parallel our patterns with others. For example, someone who throws caution to the wind with money may also be imprudent with their diet and/or sex.

Consider this a propitious time to make a searching and courageous inventory of your relationship to money and make changes where necessary.

See Resource Fluctuations Happen — Working with Scarcity and Abundance for some ideas on how to thrive while feeling challenged for resources.
Google “creative frugality” to learn about innovative approaches to thrift.
See: Green Energy Vortex — Money as a Far From Equilibrium Dissipative Structure and the secret of turning the Green Energy Blues into a Mountain of Gold Doubloons
Resource Fluctuations Happen — Working with Scarcity and Abundance also:
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