Free Self-Expression
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Card #122 – Free Self-Expression

Express your mutant abilities and content.

The world needs individual expression, and the repression of individual expression is one of the worst evils we know.

But freedom of expression is not a license to indulge every impulse; for expression to be individual and free of compulsion, it must be conscious.

Free self-expression in a journal has a different meaning than expression made available to the collective. Not all the thoughts I give free expression in my mind are suitable to share with others.

When I express myself to the collective — posting something on social media, for example — I add food or medicine to a large cauldron. I want my addition to be nourishment, not poison.

Finally, the expression of mutant content (this entire website, for example) does not guarantee appreciation or an audience. We live in a competitive attention economy, and a website full of challenging and complex content like this one is going to attract a minuscule audience compared to Porn Hub and TikTok reels that can provide instant, low-effort dopamine hits. I’ve sometimes struggled to accept what feels like a collective judgment that (at least as of 2024 when I’m revising this card) that my creative career operates at a six-figure loss and gets a tiny faction of the attention bestowed on a Twilight movie or a teenaged Youtube star.

If your mutant expression is similarly neglected, remember that anything you create, even if you are the only audience, and even if your content is deleted a moment after creation, it still existed, and nothing that has ever existed will never not have existed. Therefore, your content is part of the information content of the cosmos forever, and its morphic resonance will continue to ripple through eternity.

I am less concerned by the size of the audience my work attracts than the size of the psyches in that small audience. Quality over quantity. Since this is mutant self-expression, I’m looking for fellow mutants (not a general audience) who can comprehend and make use of this content.

You can help this creative endeavor in any or all of the following ways: making good use of this content, send any feedback about any part of it to: [email protected] (put “Zap Oracle” in the subject heading so I won’t confuse it with spam), spread the word about this site, donate to the site.

Supporting the free self-expression of fellow mutants is a great “pass it forward” gift to the world.

In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas Jesus said,

If you give birth to the genius within you,
it will free you.
If you do not give birth to the genius within you,
it will destroy you.

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