Eye on your Journey
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Card #42 – Eye on your Journey


Keep an eye on your journey, your path, your developmental track. The I Ching frequently warns about “looking aside.” Looking aside means looking at what others are doing, checking to see who might be making more progress than you or less. Everyone is on their own developmental track, so don’t compare your track to others.

As Jung says,”Every advance in culture is, psychologically, an extension of consciousness, a coming to consciousness that can take place only through discrimination. Therefore an advance always begins with individuation, that is to say with the individual, conscious of his isolation, cutting a new path through hitherto untrodden territory. To do this he must first return to the fundamental facts of his own being, irrespective of all authority and tradition, and allow himself to become conscious of his distinctiveness. If he succeeds in giving collective validity to his widened consciousness, he creates a tension of opposites that provides the stimulation which culture needs for its further progress.”

By keeping your eyes on your journey with focus, engagement, and persistence, you make your maximum contribution to the collective. However, focusing on your journey does not mean you are ruthlessly pursuing an egocentric, selfish agenda. The journey is your life mission, what you came here to do, what is in accord with your essence and True Will, that which you will remember well on your deathbed. Focusing on your journey means deeply relating to those with whom you are connected by inner ties and being of service where appropriate. Focus on your journey means that you are path-oriented, not goal-oriented. Your primary focus is on what’s happening right now and on what’s just up ahead, not what’s way off in the distance.

Consider this an auspicious time to keep your eye on your journey.

What you need to keep your eye on is your “life field.” See: Temporal Fencing and Life Fields

For a practical way to navigate your journey day-by-day see:

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