Zap Oracle Card #185
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Card #185 – Eagle Stance

Zap Oracle Card # - © Jonathan Zap

  text © Jonathan Zap

The Warrior stance of the eagle — high, clear, accurate vision coupled with alertness poised for action.

Th Eagle Stance is on the other side of the spectrum from the emotionally entangled personal view. It is also quite different from the slow and often incompetent decision making abilities of mind and ego joined without intuition. But the Eagle Stance is not about being a thoughtless, amoral “man of action” either. The eagle uses the best eyes in nature to see its target and act swiftly. But we are not raptors; our targets must be consistent with our deepest values and only then is action justified. When we have recognized “high value targets” (in the moral, not military sense) then the stance of the eagle helps us to move toward them with speed and efficiency.

Timing is so important in life, and the eagle is alert and poised for action so as to make full use of windows of opportunity. Often the target will be important (your big dream) but not urgent (a ringing phone,etc). The Eagle Stance sees the time available in the day with ruthless realism and creates zones of protected time when big dreams and high value activities can be worked on, or allowed to happen, and does not lose that focus in the chaos of urgent, but often mundane matters, distractions and the inertial pull of laziness. Be like an eagle and move swiftly toward your greatest dreams.



See A Guide to the Perplexed Interdimensional Traveler for how to realign your psyche to the Eagle Stance. For more on the way of the warrior see:

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