Appreciating Slowness
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Card #422 – Appreciating Slowness

There is an old Venetian saying,”Where are you rushing to, young man? You are already there.” We live in a world where hectic speediness going nowhere often takes the place of the gradual development of the soul and soulmate relations.

If you are suffering from the modern time sickness, life in a time ghetto where you can never catch up with all that is demanded of you, read the book Time Shifting by Stephan Rechtschaffen. Time Management only teaches you how to juggle a lot of balls, and the reward for such proficiency is still more balls. If you want to learn how to creatively slow down you need to learn to let go of some of the balls. What will you remember well on your deathbed? That’s what you want to spend your time on.

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Read Time Shifting, an article by Stephan Rechtschaffen and consider reading the book as well.

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