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Logos Beheld

with Jonathan Zap, Michael Fulton of Ion Beam Optics and Mayan Scholar John Major Jenkins Running Time 4 Hours

Logos Beheld works alone or as sequel to Looking Toward the Event Horizon is based on twenty-eight years of research exploring evidence from a variety of fields that we are already undergoing a profound evolutionary shift toward more visual consciousness and modalities of communication leading toward collective visual telepathy.

Logos Beheld Part 1
[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/1.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 2

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/2.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 3

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/3.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 4

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/4.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 5 (part two on the audio)

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/5.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 5A

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/5a.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 6

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/6.mp3″]

Logos Beheld Part 7

[powerpress url=”https://zaporacle.com/audio/7.mp3″]

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