Zap Oracle Interpretation Service

Although the Zap Oracle is designed to be user friendly so that you can do your own readings, there can also be value, as with the tarot or I Ching, in having a reading as a consultation done by someone else. As the developer of the oracle I can point out things about the history of the cards and archetypes represented and discuss with you patterns of meaning that often arise in the relation of cards in a spread. The consultation can be about readings you have already done (assuming you have recorded the card numbers), or a live reading we do together, or both.

I can be consulted by phone or video call. You are also encouraged to record your session.

My standard charge is $3.00 a minute. If you are twenty-one of younger and can’t afford that rate, we can work out a sliding scale. I can be consulted by phone or video Call. You are also encouraged to record your session.

Disclaimer: I am licensed to be an English Teacher, to do gemology, and to drive a car. None of my services should be confused with those offered by a licensed therapist of any kind.

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