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Avatar and the Singularity Archetype

©2010 by Jonathan Zap Edited by Austin Iredale What is the Singularity Archetype? Some of the most significant layers of meaning in Avatar are not to be found in the articles available on the web that discuss its underlying mythology, at least from what I’ve read. Avatar is charged with emergent archetypal messages from the collective unconscious that relate to …

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The Psyche as an Oscillating Entity in Thomas Hardys Jude the Obscure

Your Personal Unconscious

This brief paper was written in the Eighties when I was a grad student at NYU. It discusses the principle of enantiodromia---the tendency for extremes to result in a counter movement into equal and opposite extremes. This principle is particularly applied to eros and spirituality and illustrated by an analysis of Thomas Hardy's novel, Jude the Obscure. Enantiadromia and eros are particularly relevant right now as we are living through a counter movement to centuries of sexual repression where promiscuity has, in many parts of society, become the expected norm.

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Thoughts on Jung

An Encounter with Carl Jung

© 2008, Jonathan Zap An Encounter with Jung As a child my psyche was magnetized by emergent archetypal visions from the collective psyche that would appear in my own imagination, and also in many artifacts of popular culture such as science-fiction novels and films. By the time I was nineteen, and a senior in college, I set out to understand …

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