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Relationship with the creative muse can be both problematic and deeply fulfilling. For highly creative people it is a primary relationship that undergoes dynamic phase shifts and that can be as complex, ambivalent, charged, perilous,  ambiguous, and transcendent as any interpersonal relationship. While we are usually encouraged to seek out consultations on key interpersonal relationships, our society doesn’t support getting consultations about our relationship to the creative muse. Here are some classic issues that frequently occur in relationships with the creative muse:

Recognizing intuition, inspiration, and serendipity.

Blockages to the creative flow.

The problems that arise when we inevitably build an ego identity around our creative roles.

How to follow up on a creative inspiration.

How to negotiate time, relationships, jobs, money and other priorities while still staying faithful to the creative muse.

The prerequisite for this service is to read my philosophy and psychology of relating to the creative muse so that you can know if my approach to creativity is compatible with yours. The Path of the Numinous—Living and Working with the Creative Muse. Reading  this essay, or listening to the podcast, will also familiarize you with some terms and concepts which will help to streamline our consultation.

I have a master’s degree in creative writing from NYU and have taught creative writing in both institutional and individual (what I prefer) settings. The contents of this site hopefully provide confirmation that I have learned how to successfully relate to  creativity and express creativity across many media and disciplines. Learning about my relationship to the muse and mentoring other creative people have worked synergistically, and I hope it can be synergistic for you too as we learn about creativity together.

My standard charge is $3.00 a minute. If you are twenty-one of younger and can’t afford that rate, we can work out a sliding scale. I can be consulted by phone or video Call. You are also encouraged to record your session.

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