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Collective Unconcious

Explorations of the Collective Unconscious

Jung recognized that there was an impersonal, collective layer of the human psyche that all individual psyches draw from and are influenced by. Documents in this sections are explorations of emergent themes, archetypes and visions occurring in the collective unconscious during this strange and metamorphic phase of human evolution.

Mirror Worlds Shimmering from our Video Screens

I find myself deeply affected by the content and lifecycle of some of these great series, series on the level of Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, The Wire and Game of Thrones. Although not all examples are so exalted, the television series is one of the greatest story forms ever created, and, especially thanks to the pioneering efforts of HBO, and the technological innovations that have made HD content accessible to most of us, this powerful art form has become incredibly potent. The great television series are as much a cultural pinnacle of our time as Gothic cathedrals were of some earlier centuries. For some, they are too much stained with the technology and nowness of the present era, rather than the patina of antiquity, and a bias against the whole dimension of television keeps certain disdainful snobs from the awed recognition that they are witnessing the rapid evolution of some of the greatest cultural products ever created by our species.

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Problems with the Conspiratist World View

The conspiraitist world view---the belief that a unified cabal of elitists is manipulating world events, mind controlling the population, that we already live in a police state and a New World Order, etc. has become ubiquitous in global culture. It is the premise of so many facebook posts, viral memes, websites, radio shows and movies. It transcends red and blue and is as likely to be heard amongst the far right and the far left. It is a perspective widely held in Europe, Central and South America, the Arab world, Australia, New Zealand and almost any place you can think of. Typically, the purveyors of this point of view think they are daring revolutionaries waking up the sheeple, etc. and don't seem to notice that they are actually just one more of a vast and growing multitude who hold this perspective. Many of these people are close friends of mine. My challenge to them is to listen to this talk and consider whether this worldview actually represents an awakening rather than a distorted perspective riddled with problematic assumptions and reality testing issues.

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A Spiraling, Eye-Encrusted Overview of the Art of Alex Grey (and some related topics, and a response from Alex)

This overview of the artwork of Alex Grey (also published as a multi-part series on Reality Sandwich) looks at problems the art world has with spiritually themed art, Alex’s transforming relationship to darkness and shadow material, what his art says about sexuality, and the public roles Alex plays versus his studio work.

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