Zap Oracle Card #156
Graffiti found in Bisbee

Card #156 – Unconscious Manifesting

Zap Oracle Card # - © Jonathan Zap

  text and photo © Jonathan Zap

This card draws your attention to the possibility of your unconscious mind manifesting in the external 3D world.

I believe it was Jung who said, “Psychology is destiny.” Conflicts in our unconscious may emerge as bodily symptoms, as interpersonal conflicts or various other sorts of parallel phenomena. The psyche is the core level, and what happens there will tend to be reflected in the various layers of manifestation. This parallel linking of layers does not have to be mediated by cause and effect — it can be an acausal connection — what Jung called “synchronicity.” The parallelism of inner and outer is also reflected in the alchemical motto, “As above, so below.” If this oracle is working, your reading should be an example of your psyche manifesting in the external world where your computer monitor resides. The collective unconscious of the species also manifests in the external world as the unfolding of history. Climate warming, for example, (assuming the CO2 hypothesis) can be seen as the collective unconscious of a species bound to short-term thinking and greedy, naïve will-to-power manifesting (in this case causally)as a symptom in the physical world.

We tend to analyze the external world superficially, mistaking outer symptoms and situations for causes. The cause of what is manifesting in the outer world usually lies in the individual and/or collective psyche.



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