Erotic Connection
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Card #37 – Erotic Connection


Erotic connection. Is it worthy or merely mechanical?

Eros, as I’m using the term, refers to the capacity for oceanic merger with other beings. From this meaning, Eros does not have to be sexual, and much sex is unerotic.

Someone cuddling with a dog or cat could be experiencing Eros, and someone having pornographic sex, sex as a metaphor for power, sex where the other is objectified, or mundane sex without an emotional bond, is in an unerotic and perhaps even anti-erotic state.

Eros in almost any form nourishes the soul, and physical intimacy that lacks Eros may wither it.

One of the more dangerous aspects of pornography is that it usually divorces sex from Eros and can cause a progressive emotional disassociation from physical intimacy.

Another tragic magic is the delusion that Eros is only possible through sex when it might occur walking alone in nature or in high-quality non-sexual relationships.

Consider this an auspicious time to examine your relationship to Eros. If this is a problematic area for you, I recommend reading the following:

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