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Austin Iredale brings meticulous attention to detail to his writing and editing. One of the things that a superb editor like Austin seems to do is to catch all those areas of sloppy, undifferentiated word tissue that get missed in the lazy, intoxication of rough draft generation, the beer goggles of creative exuberance which blind you to the sagging flesh of distended sentences, and bring the cold light of morning, which might otherwise be years away from myopic overconfidence, into immediate and sharp relief. Rather than imposing his own notions, Austin helps to amplify, clarify and polish every document he edits. A pleasure to work with, Austin is helping to make me a better writer. Given the quality of his work, his fees are quite reasonable. I highly recommend his services. —-Jonathan Zap

Austin has edited all the Zap Oracle cards, all of my articles published on Reality Sandwich (five as of August, 2011) and my upcoming book, Crossing the Event Horizon—The Singularity Archetype and Human Metamorphosis

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