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An Eyes Wide Shut Meets Burning Man Descent into News Years Eve 2012

I couldn't smell anything from the mostly neglected bongs and unused bowls of giant kola buds, because the air was heavy with the olfactory cacophony of expensive perfumes and colognes, musks and nocturnal blends meant to be seductive and alluring, but which when thrown together in one giant air space merged into a single musky incencse that if marketed, would be sold in black glass flasks labeled "Obsession Bardo" or "Carnival of the Hungry Ghosts." If you listen to the podcast make sure you check the online document for a couple of epilogues that have altered the meaning of this descent into decadence.

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ZIJ—Dealing with Zones of Inner Jeopardy

Zones of inner jeopardy (ZIJ) are those familiar times when we are inwardly stressed, our thoughts and emotions are agitated, and we may be enveloped by dark moods. The causes of ZIJ are various, and usually there are multiple causes such as metabolic disequilibria, social/sexual issues, financial hardship, disturbances in the force and so forth."ZIJ" is used in this essay to refer to both zones of inner jeopardy and a way of dealing with them.

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Confessions of a Self-Aware Starship

Awakening from uneasy dreams, I was aware of myself as a self-reflecting starship. For a few moments I lingered in that warpy place between dreams and wakefulness, still feeling partly caught up in some painful drama with another starship that had played itself out as I slept. Slowly the dream faded, and the waking consciousness returned---that all-too-familiar sense of myself as a middle-aged starship, about halfway through its lifecycle in an era where well-maintained starships often lasted a century.

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Looking Towards the Event Horizon

Note this is part two, start with Dialogues on Prophecy and the End of Time below Looking Toward the Event Horizon Jonathan Zap, interviewed by John Major Jenkins recorded August, 2004 by Lost Arts Media---two hours, part two of this four hour presentation. Jonathan Zap discusses evolutionary changes currently underway and what the “singularity archetype” indicates about the evolutionary event horizon we are approaching. Topics include evidence that a more visual and telepathic mode of consciousness and communication is developing, the mind parasite phenomenon, and suggestions on how to thrive during a time of greatly accelerated change.

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Pushing the Envelope, Boundary Expansion into Novelty in Personal and Evolutionary Contexts

The definition of pushing the envelope I have come up with and will employ here is: Boundary expansion into a zone of novelty previously unexplored by the species or an individual.

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When Worlds Don’t Necessarily Collide—Orbiting with Planet Hottie

Another star in the galaxy of souls, one out of the six or seven billion Swarming across this rotating, orbiting ball in space, Comes spinning into my trajectory, And we converge, For a time we form a binary orbit, Weak and strong forces push and pull, We exert tidal forces on each other--- My weather changes, but so does yours. You are a planet orbiting with me, the other. And you have spin and counter spin, But then, so do I

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Zap Trap By the Culture MCs

This rap song dates back to the dawn of hip-hop and was written approximately 1982-3. At the time I was the building security coordinator and dean of Samuel Gompers Vocational Technical High School in the South Bronx. Many early hip hop artists and graffiti writers came from Gompers. For example, the first scratching was done at Gompers by the pioneer DJ Grandmaster Flash who modified a turntable for that purpose in an electronics shop class. I was the youngest and fittest of the three deans and spent most of the day patrolling the hallways.

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Logos Beheld

Logos Beheld works alone or as sequel to Looking Toward the Event Horizon is based on twenty-eight years of research exploring evidence from a variety of fields that we are already undergoing a profound evolutionary shift toward more visual consciousness and modalities of communication leading toward collective visual telepathy.

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